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Watch Report  by Citizen’s Watch on the Implementation of Korean Denuclearization Agreements

The Citizens’ Watch Project, which publishes these Watch Reports, works to help successful implementation of the historic agreements regarding the peace on the Korean Peninsula and beyond. We publish Watch Report in our free-access blog roughly once every three weeks.

Watch Report Blog: https://nonukes-northeast-asia-peacedepot-eng.blogspot.com/ 


People of Faith in Japan Call for Japan to Stop Relying on the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella and to Move toward the Establishment of a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

12 February 2016, Tokyo

Under the initiative of four religious leaders in Japan, a campaign of the people of faith in Japan calling for the establishment of a NEA-NWFZ was launched on February 12, 2016. Peace Depot serves as the secretariat of the campaign.

The statement of the campaign can be seen here (PDF 85kb)


Workshops at NPT-related Conferences, 2012-2015

2015 NPT Review Conference- NGO Workshop

Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Contributes towards Global Nuclear Zero: Pursuing a shift of security policy on nuclear weapons document (PDF833kb)

30 April 2015, UN Headquarters in NY